Finally after a long span of inactivity the New World will once again turn...
This time, there will be no turning back, the story will soon unfold.

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Communo or "Communication Voice Patcher" is a device created by the brilliant scientists and engineers five years before the "Ender" swiped the face of the Earth upon its impact to the Sun. The sole purpose of this device is to translate animal signals and vibrations into words understandable to humans.

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AU or Aurelieus is a Haio dog from Cold Earth Region. He is a devoted and loyal friend whose friendship will be put to the test by the decisions he must take.

His story and the other characters will unfold on ...

Korko is a Haio Frog with a blue skin. A witty and happy-go-lucky friend who can stand by his friends in times of peril. Korko stands 12 inches in height and uses his reliable slingshot and throw objects for hunting and gathering purposes.



At the height of all technological breakthroughs it came like a thief in the night for the most of the populace.

A giant meteor as large as the earth is clashing towards the Solar System, threatening the lives of the inhabitants of Earth. Top scientists of the world together with the best engineers, designed and assembled a number of massive Nuclear Missiles that will divert the direction of the said rock from entering the Solar System, as its coordinates was directly headed towards Earth.

It was seemingly unstoppable, test missiles were a failure. Mankind was facing his doom. People started calling the Meteor "Ender", for it will end all life on Earth. Weeks, Days, until hours came... the Meteor draw closer and closer. It has somewhat greatly affected all organisms of Earth. Streams of radiation and some unknown particles was being generated by the rock eventhough it's location was on Mars at that time.

Last minutes occcured...
A loud clamouring... shattering sound echoed through space...
A Deafening sound no one could ever forget...

After that...
...was chaos and devastation
..but not complete annihilation

Survivors called it the "Omega".

To further understand the New World of After Earth, terms used in the world by the inhabitants will be logged via this page.


Cold Earth Dwellers


Dome City